Sixty years have passed since the Efreet War united forces across the Empire together, and the ensuing peace has helped the Empire’s islands to proliferate. Recently, the soaring population has led many islands establish extra dimensional homes to abate mounting capacity concerns. While the Empire’s wizards are occupied with urban expansion planning, the Court of Stars has prohibited all immigration from the continental mainland or “The Lands Below.”

Tension is rising once again, but this time factionalism threatens to plunge the Empire Above into conflagaration. The government and military still hold order under the authority of the Mother, but for how long? Few have ever seen the Mother, yet some believe she disguisedly walks the streets of the Empire, observing and patiently waiting. Others maintain she died in the Efreet War. Despite the difference of opinions, reality shows that the Mother’s spectral grip on the kingdom is fading, and Judenaia lies in the epicenter of this movement.

Empire Above

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