Empire Above

3-3: The Isle of Passion

5 Desnus 4959

“Tuls is hardly the beautiful palatial city that it seems. To a true-sighted eye, it is crudely constructed and for good reason. Brindon Maodi plays with the pieces of ‘his’ city like a child with blocks. Be careful not to walk out your door in the morning without looking down. You might find your quarters have moved out over a ledge!”
- Penlegon

Summary: Upon arriving in Tuls, the party traveled with Otto Baynes Jr. via gondola into the city when a pair of bandits and their crocodile affiliates ambushed the party in the canals. Arawn was nearly rent to pieces by crocodiles, and before the party could react, the bandits abducted Otto Jr. The heroes, unconcerned, finished their errands and found accommodations at the Lady and the Lamp. That evening, Mania and other members of Baynes Enterprises located the party and demanded to know what happened to their master, pinning a ransom note to their tavern table. In the end, the party agreed to rescue him for the guaranteed release of the Naga in Hydra’s Keep.

Notes: Alcarin, Glimkin and the dwarven trio met a rotund goblin named Skemod Biggut and his three elven ladies. He convinced them all to pay a visit to the Dancing Dryad. The party also spoke with an elven mage, Penlegon, who plans to compete in the Grand Illusory.



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