Empire Above

EA 3-1: Off With His Head

28 Gozran 4959

“Vampires walk the streets of Hydra’s Keep!”
- Sgt. Hendryx

Summary: A tree stump covered in ash. The Jericho’s body torn asunder. A red dragon vanished into deep reaches of the world. Droskar’s prophet, Novan Clawe, had been vanquished, but not without a price. Alleran stood at the edge of the lava peering out across the molten rock. Alexia, his sister, lay within a strong man’s arrow distance, but he could not bring her back now. Ragathiel’s gaze would have her at last.

Thirteen winged creatures, hewn of stone and earth, crashed onto the tree stump. Marek Whitehammer and twelve other dwarf clan lords of Hydra’s Keep dismounted from their backs. They applauded the heroes for their bold action and were delighted to find many lost treasures of Torag hidden within the Well.

Flying back to the city, the heroes landed near an airship bound for Tuls in two days, and Edan noticed an underhanded exchange between crew members working for Baynes Enterprises. Bluffing his way into their company, Edan was invited to join them at 12 Moonview Ln. in Merchant Heights. While Alleran, Alcarin, Glimkin, and Kaien went to rest, Edan, Rionach, and Arawn adventured to the crew’s address. The three were escorted downstairs to bedroom where a group of humans had magically bound a snake-like monstrosity and siphoned vials of metallic purple goo from her sinuous body.

Notes: The party walked back to the Dented Shield Inn when they spotted Syris, a bard they had met on Judenaia. He was surrounded by Nocturnum and held within stocks. Sergeant Hendryx proceeded to denounce him as a murderer and severed his head. Only a minute later did Syris’ head slowly reform. “Vampires walk the streets of Hydra’s Keep”, the Sergeant shouted, “And this is how to slay a vampire”. Sergeant Hendryx thrust his silver dagger into the heart of Syris.



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