Empire Above

EA 3-4: The Crocodile Gang

6 Desnus 4959

“Capture them! The Ancient Ones must not be disturbed!”
- Hag

Summary: A carefully concealed passageway led beneath the streets of Tuls to an underground cavern. A watchtower stood on a stone outcropping overseeing the lake and docks below. One of the crocodile bandits was on watch, and he raised alarm when the party entered. A one-eyed undead figure held Otto Baynes captive and demanded the heroes hand over the crate of Naga Blood. As they did so, one of the crocodile humanoids seized the crate and began hustling toward the docks. A fight ensued, but the party was too late – the crate was taken.

The party pursued Otto Jr., the Naga Blood, and the crocodile gang deeper into the complex aboard a small raft. They landed near a series of interconnected, watery caves. Fighting off crocodile and humanoid, the heroes nearly lost Choe. Then, a crackling bolt of lightning from a strategically hidden shaman caused the party to take shelter, relying on the bravery of Rionach and Glimkin to close the gap and slay their foe.

Swimming through a submerged chamber, the adventurers arrived next to a small whirlpool and a pair of alcoves, where a hideous creature stood over a cauldron, brewing something. The hag and her allied group of aventi humanoids put up a fierce contest, but destructive spells and blows reigned down upon them. Though the party had suffered greatly and lost much of its strength, they managed to defeat the hag, rescue Otto Jr., and recover a horde of treasure.

Notes: Glancing into the cauldron, the party saw it was filled with Naga Blood and the image of an alien creature with three glowing red eyes, presumably “the Ancient Ones”.



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