Owner and innkeeper of The Empress' Delight in Judenaia


An immense creature with the body of a lion, great feathered wings, and a strikingly humanoid face. She acknowledges your presence without glancing up from her book as a melodic voice chimes in your head:

Welcome to the Empress’ Delight.


Owner and innkeeper of The Empress’ Delight in Judenaia. She always has her head in a book and values knowledge of the world above all else, save perhaps her establishment. Fair, courteous, and trusting, Aziza expects the same of her patrons – never visibly monitoring if a customer pays. She seems all-knowing, which leads most to leave more coin than necessary to avoid angering the otherwise congenial sphinx.

The Arcanum Archives has tried, more than a few times, to purchase tomes in Aziza’s private collection. However, she adamantly refuses, becoming territorial when it comes to ‘her’ books. Rumor has it that she offered an exchange once, but the archivists duped her with counterfeit scrolls. Regardless, it is no secret that she detests Judenaia’s High Magi, making her inn popular with the city’s aspiring wizards and apprentices.


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