Allazin Strakeland

Patriach of House Strakeland


With a polished breastplate, gray sprinkled hair done up in a top-knot, and grisly hands, he is warrior past his prime. A stress vein swells underneath his forehead when he speaks, and he does not stop speaking until his point is made. He is an authoritarian who is used to unchallenged rule. He makes decisions based on instinct and “divine judgment”, but his profound emphasis on the latter borders on zealotry.


The eldest son of the Strakeland family, Allazin was raised to takeover his father’s place as head of house. This duty carries with it a burden, which has passed from generation to generation for nearly 100 years, the plight to cleanse the undead from Frozen Cliffs of Pernia. He burns to eradicate this evil from the realm and will stop at nothing to see it done. Always following the righteous path of Ragathiel, Allazin does right by his people, but since the death of his son, a dark side has come over him… one that portends danger.

Allazin Strakeland

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