Calvin Gravy

Spoiled nobleman of Dragon's Haven


A stocky, balding man who wears the black and red striped pattern of his noble house, Lord Calvin Gravy is a sycophantic gold-monger. He is obsessed with money and finds delight in arbitrage and coercive trade.

Every man has his price because every man is afraid of something. Maybe this is part of why humans don’t often like to share their fears: because we give others the chance to exploit us, to buy us, and few humans like being bought. It is only a matter of finding the correct price tag, the correct leverage.


Lord Calvin Gravy became fascinated by the Scepter of Arnatlui – a device that could charm even the most stubborn of his trading partners. He is a primary benefactor of the cult of Blackfingers, who have provided him with many poisons and goods over the years. He has developed relations with Goyan peddlers and Qui-Ravan traders in pursuit of amassing fortune for his house, which has earned a good deal of respect. Although his unprincipled methods let him to be imprisoned by the party, one has to wonder if he will be bailed out shortly.

Calvin Gravy

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