Dobricar Tekenduis

Vindictive Ex-soldier and Slave Captain of Hydra's Keep


Dobricar stands comfortably in a suit of dark purple scale mail decorated with a pair of black and red spider pins that signify a ranking officer. His closely cropped white hair and hardened jaw belong to an intense drow used to giving orders. Dobricar likes to ‘size up’ a person by standing awkwardly close to them. Whether delighted or infuriated, he displays a razor-thin smile to hide his emotions and seem unpredictable.

He maintains a soldier’s lifestyle gone awry. He acts as if he is always in charge, even when speaking to someone of greater power. He demands respect; disciplining those who fail to address him by military title of “Sir” or
“Major.” He also expects that once given, an order will be obeyed to the letter.


His motivation is societal recognition and honor. A major during the Efreet War, Dobricar led his troops into the Underdark during the deciding Battle of Asafour’s Wrath. He and his troops were labeled as deserters, but in fact, they were heroes. The army happened upon an apocalyptic cult of demon-worshiping priests called the Order of Chaos and defeated them before an evil ritual was completed. Although victorious, Dobricar’s forces were denied entrance to the Empire Above for their disappearance, and now he furiously seeks to redeem his reputation by gathering historical proof on the Order of Chaos and cementing his place as a champion. The Mot’ragal regime is a means to an end for Dobricar – using their mining operations for odd excavations and the occasional enslavement of citizens from the Empire Above doesn’t hurt either.

Dobricar Tekenduis

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