Enbar Johan

Time-traveling Dwarf


Ginger, straight hair gently hangs over a long, anguished face. Wide brown eyes, set graciously within their sockets, watch readily under a pair of glass lenses. A large beard beautifully compliments his nose and leaves a compelling memory of a dwarf of stature. There’s something mystifying about him, perhaps it’s his unknown past or perhaps it’s simply the whirring contraptions strapped to his body. But nonetheless, people tend to treat him with respect, while learning as much about him as possible.


Little is known about Enbar, but it is purported that he comes from some time in the future. He is wanted by the Order of the Veil as a fugitive, and he seems to keep on the move, never in one place for too long. Recently, Edan discovered he is involved with the Darkshadows.

He introduced himself to the party:

My name is Enbar Johan of the Purpleheart, the slayer of Lightcut the Yellow, savior of General Gaul, author of the hit theatrical performance “How to Succeed Without Trying,” and magnificent meandering minstrel of the Tolan Commonwealth. Since that’s an Ogre’s mouthful even to my own kind, allow me to simply add that it’s my great pleasure to meet you and you may call me EJ.

Enbar Johan

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