Iobyn Nomres

The Mother's discarded concubine


Iobyn is stunning. He is tall with a full head of silky black hair, and a figure that commands attention. He is in his late-thirties but only appears to have become more attractive with age. He speaks knowledgeably about the world, but is often wrong, and when corrected, he will become flustered and then use his good looks as a distraction. A rather incompetent bard, he knows he doesn’t have the discipline to be any good, and he can just use his looks to compensate.


Born to a typical family, Iobyn dreamed of being a bard. He was able to find an apprenticeship with an old lecherous musician, who took him in for the crowd appeal of a handsome young man. He was able to learn some minor magic, but never enough to take up adventuring. Eventually, he opened a shop where he sold musical instruments, spell components, and performed simple incantations until one day when She showed up. The Mother, disguised as a noblewoman, visited Iobyn’s shop and was so captivated by him that she gifted him a magical flute, which made his talents grow rapidly. Overwhelmed with joy, he sought out the noblewoman and courted her for the happiness that she had brought him. Their love lasted for a time, but Iobyn awoke one morning to find his lady had gone. Without her for inspiration, Iobyn’s flute is slowly losing its powers, leaving him without desire for song. The result has been consistently dreadful performances with rare glimpses of old greatness that usually leaves the crowd stunned.

Iobyn knows he never deserved to be a bard of any notoriety, but his affair with the Mother led to his position as one of the bards for the Court of Stars. He still plays because that is all he knows, but his recessive skills of late has caused many to wonder if he should be replaced.

Iobyn Nomres

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