Tag: Noble


  • Jordanova Saygan

    Her father was a marshall of Dragon's Haven, and his connections have earned Lady Jordanova valuable resources, including a stable of loyal trackers known as The Bloodhounds. Her residence, Castle Saygan, is located just south of Changeling Hill.

  • Calvin Gravy

    Lord Calvin Gravy became fascinated by the Scepter of Arnatlui - a device that could charm even the most stubborn of his trading partners. He is a primary benefactor of the cult of Blackfingers, who have provided him with many poisons and goods over the …

  • Allazin Strakeland

    The eldest son of the Strakeland family, Allazin was raised to takeover his father's place as head of house. This duty carries with it a burden, which has passed from generation to generation for nearly 100 years, the plight to cleanse the undead from …