Tag: Session Recap


  • EA 3-1: Off With His Head

    28 Gozran 4959

    "Vampires walk the streets of Hydra's Keep!" - Sgt. Hendryx
    *Summary:* A tree stump covered in ash. The Jericho's body torn asunder. A red dragon vanished into deep reaches of the world. …

  • EA 3-2: Baynes Enterprises

    29 Gozran 4959

    "Would you fancy some of THE blood?" - Mania, Baynes Enterprises Associate
    *Summary:* Rionach, [[:edan-glaston | Edan]], and [[:arawn-the-crimson | Arawn]] tactfully departed the Naga blood …

  • 3-3: The Isle of Passion

    5 Desnus 4959

    "Tuls is hardly the beautiful palatial city that it seems. To a true-sighted eye, it is crudely constructed and for good reason. Brindon Maodi plays with the pieces of 'his' city like a child with blocks. Be careful …

  • EA 3-4: The Crocodile Gang

    6 Desnus 4959

    "Capture them! The Ancient Ones must not be disturbed!" - Hag
    *Summary:* A carefully concealed passageway led beneath the streets of Tuls to an underground cavern. A watchtower stood on a stone …

  • EA 3-5: Frenemies

    6 Desnus 4959

    "King Kronus and the Order of the Veil hunt me not because I am disturbing the Veil, but because I threaten to destabilize his control on the world." - Enbar Johan
    *Summary:* Otto Jr. was …