One of eight floating islands that punctuate the Empire Above, Tuls (Tools) is known for its arts, entertainment, and outgoing culture. Colloquially referred to as The Isle of Passion, this city will provide for any taste, even from the hedonistic to the ascetic.

To most inhabitants, Tuls is a paradise – Every stone appears to have been laboriously carved, every building matches the nearby architecture while still contributing something unique. However, to the true-sighted eye, Tuls appears as a work in progress, with crudely-carved, choppy buildings, a few of which are labored on by taciturn antmen. All this is made possible by master illusionist Brindon Maodi, an obsessive architect who plays with the city as a child might play with building blocks. His most permanent whims are set in stone by a magically compelled army of antmen, who appear under his illusions to be simple if antisocial construction crews. Fellow archmages consider Brindon something of a madman; after eighty years of effort, his domain still looks like a rough draft.

Though always engaged in subtle changes, Brindon does not drastically restructure his floating city overnight. Main thoroughfares are sacrosanct, and landmarks are never removed without feigning some sort of disaster or construction project. For the most part, the city is highly functional, and its citizens are so perpetually entertained that few stop to question their hometown’s mercurial nature.

This map represents Tuls at the time of players’ arrival. When the project is complete, it will be complemented by a storyteller’s overlay to demonstrate the city’s true form. The major design goal is to make the city look like the wild dreams of its maker, with sweeping, ambitious architectures and a sense of constant, bustling activity.

The city can be divided into six districts, each with their own flair for the fantastic.

  • Stowaway Borough
  • Ministrel’s Village
  • Moor Ward
  • Market
  • Elwind Fey District
  • Magering Dimensia



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