Empire Above

EA 3-2: Baynes Enterprises

29 Gozran 4959

“Would you fancy some of THE blood?”
- Mania, Baynes Enterprises Associate

Summary: Rionach, Edan, and Arawn tactfully departed the Naga blood fiasco, but not before meeting Otto Baynes Jr., heir to the fortunes of Baynes Enterprises. Otto Jr. took quite a liking to Rionach, much to the chagrin of her ‘husband’ Edan. With song and dance, Otto Jr. played the role of a gracious host. One might even say charming, if not for his forwardness and clearly misguided moral compass.

Back at the Dented Shield, the party prepared to attend a fine banquet at the behest of the dwarf clanlords. Glimkin was privy to a revolutionary full-body (ahem…beard) grooming by the famous barber, Mr. Ice. Extravagant jewelry and clothing was purchased by all, save Alleran. The dwarven trio (Choe, Helmund, and Bertio) followed the heroes into the Marble Hall of Ancestors, where in grandiose ceremony, they were bestowed with 10 astral diamonds for their faithful service to the city.

As the congregation prayed to Torag, a clockwork golem exploded with a shower of blood that beckoned a vampire frenzy. Multiple arrows from the undead hunter (Alleran), a gear-wrenching stab from Edan, and the chill of the void from Rionach decimated the enemy. With the danger behind them, the party made haste for the airship departing for Hydra’s Keep. At the helm stood Otto Baynes Jr.

Notes: Rionach met with the kitsune to stir ideas of a fellowship with Desna. Kaien stayed behind in Hydra’s Keep, lacking any sort of formal immigration paperwork and wishing to recover from tetnus. Eugophylis, the red dragon, is actually a shape-shifter, formally a druid of the Icemaw Mountains.



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