Empire Above

EA 3-5: Frenemies

6 Desnus 4959

“King Kronus and the Order of the Veil hunt me not because I am disturbing the Veil, but because I threaten to destabilize his control on the world.”
- Enbar Johan

Summary: Otto Jr. was visibly upset by the agreement struck by his company that saved his life. He agreed to honor it to preserve goodwill, but there can be no doubts about his intentions to recoup his losses. Overburdened with treasure, the party went to market, selling magical wares left and right. Fortunately, their is an appetite for such goods in Tuls, particularly since the local blacksmiths are struggling to make a profit on their arms/armor. Glimkin found the man responsible for the smith’s woes – a dwarf with a beard made of fire named Angehrt.

Edan made contact with the Darkshadows hidden within the Sage’s Chain. After being questioned for a while by an inquisitor and a steel monkey, he was brought before a group of three men at a long table: a drow wearing two swords, a human with a greatbow, and Enbar Johan. Edan’s mind was then shielded to prevent Kronus from benefiting from his mark. Enbar briefly explained the relationship between the Darkshadows and King Kronus and then struck a bargain with Edan. Enbar told him of the Lost Mirror of Klementina that can be used to kill Jorick in return for Edan’s effort to dismantle zones of stasis across the Lands Below.

Notes: Glimkin bartered an ogre for a flute made of pearls and ivory, which he gifted to Bertio.



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